PRESS RELEASE: Maria Valentino launches second International Mushroom Wellness Brand, Finca Mystica

Spearheading the mushroom wellness industry, expert formulator and master grower, Maria Valentino, launches her second international brand, Finca Mystica.

“I have set a new industry standard with products that help people become the best, healthiest version of themselves." -Maria Valentino CEO, Expert Formulator 

When the world took a wild, unexpected turn in early 2020, Maria Valentino moved to her sustainable farm sanctuary in Costa Rica, where she built a state-of-the-art science lab, established thousands of square feet of greenhouses and expansive growing chambers. This was the birth of Finca Mystica, which began supplying restaurants and stores across the country with gourmet organic mushrooms, vegetables, and premium goods - during a time of shortage and uncertainty. The mission behind this new venture is to support organic family farms, encourage shopping local, and feeding communities with the mindset that Food is Medicine.

Finca Mystica is now bridging the relationship between the United States and Costa Rica as a leading importer of USDA Certified Organic, Fair-trade goods. The selection ranges from delicious proprietary blends of Mushroom Coffee, to powerful superfoods and herbal supplements for Optimal Wellness Support. Finca Mystica has blossomed into a full catalog of curated lifestyle products formulated by Maria Valentino, available in one convenient and affordable online marketplace. 


The cutting-edge introductory products include a powerful supplement line of functional mushroom blends for daily use. Packed with adaptogens, triterpenes, polysaccharides, and beta-glucan, these proprietary blends are designed to encourage mental clarity, balance, longevity, and offer the ultimate immune support. Studied and utilized in ancient Chinese medicine for centuries, these medicinal mushrooms are revered for their many phenomenal healing qualities, their ability to upregulate the immune system and for naturally helping the body to achieve optimal wellness. These supplements are organic, vegan and gluten-free, with no additives or filler ingredients of any kind.

Finca Mystica is committed to supplying the very best quality products that are held to the highest standards and education is a key part of the brand. offers an interactive, online educational platform to empower conscious consumers through knowledge. Every product is formulated by Maria Valentino and even includes luxurious personal touches, with packaging that displays beautiful custom artwork designed by Maria.

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