PRESS RELEASE: FINCA MYSTICA announces retail partnership with world-renowned health & wellness center headed by Dr. Lu-Jean Feng

PRESS RELEASE: FINCA MYSTICA announces retail partnership with world-renowned health & wellness center headed by Dr. Lu-Jean Feng

Cutting-edge botanical & mushroom wellness Formulator Maria Valentino, announces retail partnership with world renowned health and wellness center headed by Dr. Lu-Jean Feng.

Internationally Renowned Microvascular Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Lu-Jean Feng, M.D., is the founder and medical director of The Lu-Jean Feng Clinic, located in Pepper Pike, Ohio. She is the sole Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon on staff. Dr. Lu-Jean Feng is board certified, has more than 30 years of experience, and is recognized on a global level. While she specializes in cosmetic surgery of the face, breast, and body, Dr. Feng shines a spotlight on Breast Explant Surgery and has pioneered the research on the integrity and true longevity of breast implants, testifying her findings before the FDA.

The stunning and expansive 16,000 square foot Feng Clinic was founded in 1999 with the principles of feng shui upheld. Dr. Feng’s concept of beauty, balance, and tranquility can be seen and felt throughout each of the Clinic’s three floors; from the state-of-the-art operating and recovery rooms to the Skin Care, Healing & Detox Centers, to the pristine commercial kitchens of FengFit™ Plant-Based Cuisine, down to the unique Feng Fitness Center, complete with locker rooms and all amenities. The Clinic’s staff is comprised of skilled professionals, including nurses, anesthesiologists, skin care specialists, personal trainers, massage therapists, a professional chef, and administrative staff. Patient experiences at The Lu-Jean Feng Clinic are nothing short of remarkable anywhere within the unique and tranquil health and wellness center. 

Finca Mystica Mushroom Coffee is now available for purchase at the Feng Clinic. These delicious, certified organic & fair-trade coffee beans come from the heart of the Costa Rican Rainforest and are roasted to perfection. Maria Valentino's patent-pending formulas utilize the phenomenal benefits of functional mushrooms and offers health in every sip!

 Dr. Feng’s personal goal and those of her specialists is to become an advisor, helping to achieve inner and outer beauty by incorporating the principles of both eastern and western philosophies. It is this open-minded and holistic approach to healthcare that brings patients to the Clinic from around the world. There is undeniable synergy in this powerful new retail partnership. 

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